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Kettle House, Galveston, Texas

by ryder, a view of Kettle House, Galveston, Texas

Rumor has it that this weird construction was built in the 1950′s and that it is the top of a silo turned upside down and roofed. One of the most interesting facts is that it managed to survive Hurricane Ike – a 2009 hurricane classified as a Tropical Depression Nine.

Treat, Shade, and Roggs, authors of the book “Weird Texas”, say that the house was built by a guy who used to build oil storage tanks. According to locals, nobody lives in the Kettle House, yet a man comes and does maintenance on the property every so often, only to disappear for long periods of time.

Unfortunately nobody has been able to talk with this guy, so we can just continue to ask ourselves why someone would build a house that looks like a tea kettle and if the weirdo internet rumor is true that it actually works like a tea kettle and if it is, in fact, designed to float during a flood.

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["Weird Texas" by Treat, Shade and Roggs]

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