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Disco Woodpecker, Milano Marittima, Ravenna, Italy

by Elisa Spada, a view of Disco Woodpecker, Milano Marittima, Italy

Disco Woodpecker, abandoned for 30 years, was designed by the architect Filippo Monti and it’s an extraordinary place, suspended between water and reeds, surrounded by a pine forest.
It is a structure that in the ’60s enjoyed the reputation of dance clubs of the most popular of the Adriatic Riviera. A few miles from the center of Milano Marittima (and near the Casa delle Aie), the Woodpecker has been transformed in recent times in an area for illegal rave parties, as well as in an environment that requires remediation.
Inside some draws of Blu.

more info:
[ITA] www.piunotizie.it/news/pagina1013498.html

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Savio, Ravenna, Italy

by Daniela Galvani, a view of abandoned house in Savio (RA), Italy

A beautiful ’60s house abandoned on the Romea street in Savio: a few minutes from the Adriatic sea, less than 30 minutes from Ravenna, how can this place be abandoned? The house market is so strange: so many people looking for an house and so many houses looking for new inhabitants!! We need to invert this trend … want to help?

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