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[im]tourbo, a house for Hubbol

by bibibri, bikes ready to leave

Saturday 30th of June we had our second [im]possible tour by bike in Bologna, as you probably will remember the first one was back in February in Milan.
The weather was incredibly challenging in Bologna (39°C), but that didn’t stop many people from coming and sharing this wonderful afternoon with us. Continue reading

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Cinema Embassy, Bologna, Italy

by Andrea Sesta, a view of Cinema Embassy, Bologna, Italy

This place used to be a quite famous cinema in Bologna and it was closed a few years ago, probably around 2005 (I tried to find the exact date on the web, but I couldn’t find any specific information). During these years several renewal projects have been proposed for the Embassy, but nothing has actually been set in place so far. In order to free the abandoned space, the cinema has been occupied by student collectives more than once, even though they weren’t able to keep the building because of police interventions.
This state of abandonment is a shame because the cinema is really huge (I can’t tell the exact dimensions, but at least several hundreds of m2) and young people in Bologna are continuously demanding space for creativity that they don’t have.

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