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Ex Nobel-Blaschim, Lesmo, Monza e Brianza, Italy

by Borlup , a view of ex Nobel-Blaschim (MB), Italy

This skeleton of iron and asbestos is the ex Nobel-Blaschim, a chemical company (Blaschim was a textile company, acquired by the chemical company Nobel) that closed 20 years ago and remained there during all this time, like a sleeping giant, waiting for a green light by the province for its renovation.
Also the property, the company “Finalfa”, is waiting, even though the recovery plan has been approved and the land reclamations have been continued for more than 10 years. The destination for the new area is residential. In the area of 30 thousand square meters will rise 60 thousand cubic meters. A series of buildings for a total of 250 apartments, of which 10 percent will be subsidized housing.
Only one constraint has been put to recovery, the reconstruction of the original factory facade: the entrance arch, which is considered a piece of industrial archeology, and the spinning mill, that is the courtyards with arcades where there will be apartments for the public administration.

Source: [ITA] article from mbnews.it

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Palazzo dell’Arredamento, Desio, Brianza, Italy

by Borlup, a view of the “Palazzo dell’Arredamento” in Desio

This building used to be a quite big furniture mall and it has been constructed in Desio during the ’60s. Desio sits in the Brianza area, which is well known for its furniture industry and it’s a very productive territory, one of the richest part of Italy.
Unfortunately this building didn’t meet this success, its business gradually reduced over the years and eventually ended, leaving the “Palazzo dell’Arrendamento” (in italian means “furniture building”) abandoned to his destiny. Based on this article (in italian), the building has been used as a landfill at least from 2004, further worsening the possibility for a renovation: it has been object of many reports and complaints, but nothing seems to happen, at least since today!

The building it’s really devastated and it seems for me quite impossible to let it became something “nice”, even with a big investment!! May be it should be preserved for its ugliness, which sometimes (and this is the case!) it’s so strong and deep to eventually become beauty!
And you? What would you do in this place?

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