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Botta Baths and Caimi Swimming Pool, Milan, Italy

by Barbara Sambri, a fish-eye view of the Caimi swimming pool

The Caimi swimming pool, located in Porta Romana quarter and bounded by Carlo Botta, Pier Lombardo, Giorgio Vasari e Lattuada streets, is a historical public bathing establishment, dismissed and totally abandoned since 2006.
Once pride of the area, relavant and outstanding place for Milan citizens since its construction in 1939, unfortunately, it is now a symbol of the Milan urban decay.
Botta Baths are not just a simple swimming pool: besides the antique amphitheater bathtub, the complex accommodates changing rooms, a rooftop solarium, two arbors, one gym and a cinema, everything (all of these) located inside a wooden park, bounded by a masonry fence, and connected with staircases to the swimming pool.
The complex was built in late 30′s, to provide a public structure where people, thanks to a reduction in working hours, could enjoy the new spare time, following the motto “mens sana in corpore sano”.
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