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by bibibri, bikes ready to leave

Saturday 30th of June we had our second [im]possible tour by bike in Bologna, as you probably will remember the first one was back in February in Milan.
The weather was incredibly challenging in Bologna (39°C), but that didn’t stop many people from coming and sharing this wonderful afternoon with us.

[im]possible tours are meant to build small active communities, to take citizens around their city and show them an unusual layer: we’re always used to discover the monuments, the amazing or nice things of a city, but there’s not a guide that shows you what has been forgotten, what has been left apart! It’s like to switch to the negative layer: whites becomes blacks and your attention suddenly is focused on something you couldn’t even see before.

by bibibri, a view of St. Barbazian Church

In this case we also had an important mission: find an house for Hubbol, an amazing project that aims to born and grow transforming an abandoned building into an hub for social innovation in Bologna.
In the past year [im]possible living spent a considerable amount of time trying to understand how to shape a web service that could help people around the world to renovate abandoned buildings using innovative ideas: Hubbol will be the first test of the process we developed! Soon these services will be available for everyone, but now we need to test them on some real cases!

But now let’s come back to the tour! It was really nice to bike around the city and meet some amazing people that we didn’t know before, now we’re confident we have an active community in Bologna that will help us to transform the abandoned buildings in the city into amazing places for creativity and innovation. Here’s the list of the most important places we visited or discovered along the way:

We believe in this list there are some really cool place for Hubbol, we will look at them carefully and we’ll try find more information about them. If you have pictures, please add them on the site! If you have important information, write us and we’ll add them on the building profile!
Thanx everybody for participating, thanx to Ciclostile Architettura for the amazing help organizing the event and to our sponsor Bologna Food Boutique for the amazing food offered at the end of the tour!

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