[im]possible workshop

The [im]possible living web community is growing very quickly, but structuring a process to actually restore abandoned buildings all over the world is a very difficult and complex task. So we decided to test the ideas we are developing in the real world and, from Sunday April 1st to Tuesday April 3rd, we organized a workshop for architecture students to elaborate a management and architectural concept to give a new life to an abandoned building in Milan.

In the past month we studied the theme, developed a program and prepared lectures in order to present all the relevant aspects of an abandoned building renovation: how the web can help to develop a collaborative process, the best architectural and management approaches, the hypothetical financial structures of these operations.
This incredible work was possible thanks to the help of Ciclostile Architettura and AreaREM, our partners expert respectively in architecture and real estate: both helped us so much creating this amazing experience and we want to thank them for the great work they did with us.
The other important partner of this adventure is IRA-C, an association of students mainly attending architecture, that are looking for their head office and decided to participate to the workshop in order to actually create it.

We scouted the city in order to find the right building to use during the workshop and after many tours we finally choose one in Via Generale Fara 3: this building used to be an hotel, later transformed into an hour hotel, and given what people from the neighborhood told us, it seems to be abandoned since early ’80s.
Looking at the satellite maps and some documents found in the public land register, we reconstructed the plans of the building: even though they were not precise, we had enough data for our purpose.

The concept that the students had to develop was a multipurpose building with different functions: the goal was to correctly balance no-profit functions with profit functions, in order to let the building have a economical sustainability together with a strong social utility.
The delivery consisted into what we believe should be the base of an [im]possible living project:

  • a logo and a claim;
  • a tribute to the building;
  • an immediate process of reactivation;
  • a future vision.

This workshop has been an amazing experience, the students had been great and we want to thank all of them for the amazing work they did in just one day and a half!
We’re sorry if we couldn’t satisfy all the requests we received to participate, but we deliberately kept the number of participant low because it was our first workshop and we didn’t want to have a huge number of people to deal with.
We promise we will do another soon and we will open it to more people: if we will be able to get a contact with the owner of this building and reach an agreement with him/her we will concentrate on a solution and explore it deeply, otherwise we will find a new building to concentrate on!
Following you will the videos (in italian) we recorded during the live streaming (yes, we even had the live streaming!!) and the students’ project, so that everybody can actually see what they delivered!


April 1st

April 2nd

April 3rd

We are sorry if the videos are not excellent, we will do better next time!


  • Francesca Barbieri
  • Lorenzo Cristoforetti
  • Anna De Putti
  • Paolo Fumagalli




Group 2 | THE BLUE BOX

  • Marialucia Capo
  • Marco Migliavacca
  • Tommaso Miti


Group 3 | FIX THE BOX

  • Meron Celentano
  • Luca Marullo
  • Roberto Sini






  • Daniele Cipriani
  • Filip Martinovic
  • Carola Rondena






  • Stefano Colombo
  • Davide Galli
  • Amos Pravettoni






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