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Greg and Maina are on their way and we want to give an update on how things are going on the road! Their route started from Pomezia (Rome) where they stayed at a couchsurfer’s house, then they biked towards Naples and then up north Italy, crossing (and resting in) Cisterna, Gaeta, Mondragone, Minturno, Terracina, Lido dei pini, Ladispoli, Orbetello, Grossetto and Follonica.

Now they’re in the beautiful Siena, hosted by our friend Silvia and they’re moving their steps to Florence! During the travel they run into hundreds of abandoned buildings and they’re doing a great job mapping most of them: take a look at Lazio and in general at every profile created by the user “unfoldingthefantastic” (search for Italy and scroll the explore view).

Here’s a few lines from Greg&Maina a few days ago:

Riding around on our bikes has been a total blast. Tiring, sure. And we’ve never gone on a big bike trip before, so our bodies have a lot of conditioning ahead of them. And the cars nearly make us insane. But still, even with the difficulties, it’s glorious. We’re rather seasoned travelers and have been to many countries… but traveling by bike is so different. To carry one’s one weight, to self-propel, to be responsible for momentum, distance, and speed… there’s nothing like it.

Our first 50 abandoned buildings have been a snap! The hard part is keeping-up. As we ride, we (try) to record the building’s characteristics and location; then we (try) to find the building using google maps; then we upload the information and photos to the site. Our [im]possible travel journal is essentially full and I’m trying to upload as many to the site as I can with the spotty internet we get. I like to think we are getting better at it!

We’ve been eating as much cheese as we can find – which is a lot. Practically every region in Italy has it’s prize cheese! Tonight will be our last night with pecorino romano, as we leave our hosts in Ladispoli, and head coastward to whichever cheese is Tuscany’s.

What’s next? Now they will bike towards Milan and then moving to France in order to arrive in Spain!
We’ll try to be more constant in the next days and give you a few more updates as the keep going!
Good luck Greg&Maina, you really rock!

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