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A few days ago we received an email from Gregory, one of our earlier collaborators from U.S.:

“my girlfriend and i will start a foldable-bicycle tour on the 28th of February. we will be flying into Rome, and riding to Morocco. we have some wild idea for what to do after that… but i wanted to contact you to tell you that we both want to explore italy (+ france, spain, and morocco) with impossible living in mind. we want to visit as many of the buildings that are already catalogued on the website, as well as take as many photos of undocumented abandoned buildings as possible. if you have any suggested routes, or areas, or whatever, let me know.”

What an amazing project!
We really want to support it and we immediately started organizing, as Greg and Maina called it, the “unfoldingthefantastic“! We started thinking about the route, the best places to visit (both abandoned and not), cheap/zero-cost accommodations, an [im]possible kit with all the essential stuff (maps, contacts, t-shirts, …) and everything else to ease this wonderful adventure.

During the travel they will write some posts for this blog, so that we can all read about what they’re doing, best abandoned places visited and in general updates from the road.

The basic [im]possible travel route will be from Rome to Gibraltar, crossing Pompei, Naples, Florence, Bologna, Milan, Genoa, Nice, Aix-en-Provence, Nimes, Toulouse, Huesca, Barcelona, Valencia, Murcia, Granada, Cordoba, Malaga and Sevilla. This is just the general idea, but we’ll definitely refine it in the next weeks.
We thought that probably someone else would be inspired and excited like we are about this project, so we want to share it with you all and ask for some help. Here’s what we need:

  • cool abandoned places that are on or close to the above route;
  • amazing and comfortable bike routes;
  • cheap/zero-cost accommodations for these guys and their foldable bikes (when closed they don’t take much space), maybe you have a couch, or even some floor-space for them.

Of course if you just would like to meet them for a coffee and maybe show them the beauties of your city, they would love that too.

So, if you can help us somehow or simply want to know more about this, write us and stay tuned … we’re going to share more about the first [im]possible travel soon!

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  1. Federico Cupellini

    A bit mad :) If you want help please contact FIAB (ECF italian association) http://www.fiab-onlus.it/ they may help you with informtions on routes.

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