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Hey folks, we have a great announcement to make today: the [im]possible living app for iPhone is now available on the app store!

As you know, our mission is to collect a global community of people interested in the abandonment topic and we want to provide services that make it easy to map abandoned buildings around the world and create local projects for reuse/renovation.
We want to enable everyone to add a contribution and the mobile app is a fundamental step to make the collaboration process as easy as possible.

Without further hesitations, let’s introduce the functionalities available in this first release:

  • map a new building;
  • discover our youtube channel;
  • follow our twitter stream;
  • be always updated reading news directly from our blog.

Youtube, twitter and blog feeds are quite simple: you can follow our social channels directly on the app, without jumping from one site to the other. Twitter in particular is very nice because you can follow our live-tweetings while we explore abandoned buildings or villages, as has happened in the past.

But the heart of the app is definitely the possibility to map a new building. While you go to work or school, during your tours around your city or during vacations you will run into many abandoned properties and we want you to be able to add them right on the spot.
Just follow three simple and quick steps:

  1. log in [im]possible living with your account;
  2. add a picture from your library or use the camera to take one on the fly;
  3. add basic information, check the geographical details provided automatically and correct them, if necessary.

That’s it, easy as it seems!

And now here’s a new challenge for all of you: at the moment we have 191 buildings in the database, the one who will upload the 200th building will win our amazing t-shirt… and if the 200th profile is uploaded via iPhone app we will also include an [im]possible skin for iPhone!

Today is a big day for [im]possible living, we hope you’re excited as we are about this new service. And Android users… don’t worry! Android app is on the line and will be available soon.

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3 Responses to [im]possible living App | Map the abandoned world

  1. Salve! Questa idea (se l’ho capita bene, non c’è una pagina “about”) mi sembra molto promettente. Vorrei parlarvi e, se ci sono le condizioni, invitarvi a una conferenza europea. Per favore, mettetevi in contatto con me. Augusto e Matteo di CriticalCity mi conoscono bene.

  2. How do I register in the app.
    What are the requirements for username and pwd?
    XO P

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