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Video | [flash] flash mob, Milan Design Week 2011

[im]possible living Video, [flash] flash mob, Milan Design Week 2011
by Antonello Schioppa
Video on YouTube Channel of [im]possible living

I wish this building to become + [flash] flash mob

15 April 2011 [im]possible living and Criticalcity Upload organised an event in Milan, in Corso Garibaldi 89/A, giving life to a fantastic abandoned building, Casa degli Artisti di Brera.
Thanks to Antonello Schioppa we produced a video of the event and we are very happy to share it with you now!!!
[old post, [flash] flash mob]

[camera operators] andrea segliani + antonello schioppa
[editing] antonello schioppa
[music] El9emm

[flash] flash mob created by
daniela galvani & andrea sesta

in collaboration with
CriticalCity upload

[special thanks] gregorysung

[im]possible living video on You Tube

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A glance of the first week

Great week for [im]possible living!!!
Thank you all for the support you’re giving us!!

During this week we obtained a good media exposition (L’Espresso, Domus and Nuok among others) and we want to share with you some data about this first period.
From Friday 02 December to Sunday 11 December we attracted 4367 unique visitors: in average our visitors spent on the site 2 minutes and 47 seconds, viewing 3.65 pages, bounce rate was under 40%  and 100 users registered on the site. Even though the other values are very good, the last one might seem a small number to you, but for us it’s a great result as well: think about how many things 100 people could do together and how difficult it is to attract first users!
At the moment we have a conversion rate of about 2%, which is not bad considering the strong focus of our service and the low number of abandoned buildings available on the database.
Talking about the database, we achieved to collect 62 new buildings during the period, which means that on average more than one registered user out of two submitted a new building: this is the data we are happier about, because it means that registered users are very interested in the topic and are very happy to help growing the service!

We know userbase growth is definitely the most difficult part for us, but it looks like once a user is registered, he’s probably going to share new information with the community.
For this reason one of our main activity right now is structuring a network of local ambassadors that will help us manage all the different territories we’re dealing with: as we cannot be everywhere in the world, we want to help YOU to be active in the city you better know and love!! More on that soon…

This first period is just the beginning of a great adventure, we can’t wait to show you more and to have you on board with us!

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[im]possible living beta is here


Welcome back everybody, after much expectation we can finally present you … the new [im]possible living site!
Since the last time you’ve heard from us here, we have made incredible progress and we’re really proud of the results!

So let’s introduce the main revolutions available with the new site:

  • navigate and search our database with a real map
  • filter buildings selecting one or more categories
  • register for free
  • add new abandoned buildings
  • add pictures and videos to existing buildings
  • add a building to your favourite list
  • like or dislike a building
  • share buildings on social networks (facebook, twitter, google+)

As you know our mission is to give a new life to all the abandoned buildings out there, but we need your help to do it and we want you to be part of our community! So check your photo albums, look for the abandoned buildings you shoot once during a urban exploration or during one of your vacations and add it to the site: in a few weeks we can build a very big database and inspire other people to join us!

This is just the beginning, in a near future we’ll provide many new features, in order to start projects, discuss them, get consults from experts and much much more! It won’t be easy, but we like a challenge and we believe that with your help we can succeed!
Let’s work together and let’s transform this enormous global waste into an incredible resource!!

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