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Canate di Marsiglia, Liguria, Italy

by Paolo De Lorenzi, a view of Canate di Marsiglia, Liguria

The medieval village of Canate is located north east of Genoa, at an altitude of 550 meters over the sea level approximately, on the southern side of mount Lago. The village can only be reached by foot and this is the reason of its total abandonment happened between 1957 and 1958, when the last 27 families left definitively the village. At the end of the Second World War the inhabitants were about 150 and approximately thirty families. In 1951 the residents were less than 100.
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Web Developer Wanted!

The [im]possible living project is rapidly evolving and the time has come to rely upon a professional web developer for the future of our platform.
We love technology, we care enormously about it and we want it to be a central part of our project: for these reasons we would like to find a web developer that gets inspired by the ideas and the principles of [im]possible living and decides to continue this incredible adventure with us! Let’s have a look what’s next on our roadmap …

The first step is the construction of the biggest database of abandoned buildings in the world. We are developing a mobile application to add immediately a new abandoned building as soon as you discover it: we’re trying to do our best to release it soon to our community, starting the first mapping projects that will allow our database to grow quickly.
Each building in the database will be available on the website as a wiki page, so that anyone who has information to share can contribute to the construction of the building’s profile (description, history, actual state, future proposals), join a group of other people interested in the project and lay the foundations for the redevelopment realization.
The web platform will be the central point of the activities and will be able to accompany users throughout the project life cycle: this vision requires the development of new functionalities for large scale data management (abandoned buildings are millions in each country), collaboration between users, project management, fund raising and much much more.

[im]possible living wants to be an enabler, a catalyst of the energies available in everyplace in the world that are not able to get through and give birth to the abandonment market and, in general, to a new housing development model: it’s a very ambitious goal, but we really believe in it and we’re investing everything in this dream!!

If you love [im]possible living and can’t wait to help us with the web development, have a look to the profile we’re looking for and write us an email (mail [at] : we want you!!

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