Villa Milena, Imola, Italy

by Laura Brialdi , a view of Villa Milena, Imola, Italy

The villa was originally donated to the parish of San Cassiano in Imola: a guardians family lived there until 5 years ago, then the priest changed and so many things have changed with it…
Inside the house, there is a small chapel, the guardians said weekly a mass and the rosary during the month of May; now no one is cured of this tradition, which was a specific condition for the donation.
Afterwards, the owners were interest to sell the villa, however, they were not authorized to do so, because the will that assigned them the villa forbade it.
It’s a pity, the guardians family had to move and leave a villa of ’700 to a slowly decay. As it appears from the plans the villa is not suitable for nothing other than home or office. Furthermore, walls and ceilings are painted and in the hands of any architect it could become a beautiful studio! F.G

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