Ex Slaughterhouse, Imola, Italy

by Daniela Galvani, a view of Ex Macello, Imola, Italy

It’s the first property that will be sold by the municipality, but is also the one with the richest history. The ex-slaughterhouse was derived in part from the walls of an old eighteenth-century theater, designed by the architect Cosimo Morelli. The building was constructed thanks to 16 citizens, part of the Imola’s noble families (hence the original name, Theater of Associated Knights) who in 1774 took over the financial burden of the construction works.
The theater was inaugurated on the 27th July 1782 and soon became famous for the bold architectural solutions studied by Morelli and the decorations of Antonio and Alessandro Della Nave Villa, who painted the ceiling and floor. Unfortunately, it had short life: on the 5th February 1797 it was destroyed, perhaps for a fire set by a theater company unsatisfied for engagement.
Later the building was partially rebuilt and it was used as a stable, until the acquisition by the City of Imola, that in 1864 converted it into the slaughterhouse. The building has remained in operation until 1978.

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