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Cave del Predil, Tarvisio, Italy

by Marco Ciccolini, a view of Cave del Predil, Tarvisio, Italy

Cave del Predil (German: Raibl, Slovene: Rabelj) is a hamlet in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region (northeast Italy). This small village, part of the Province of Udine, is located 15 km south of Tarvisio, near the Italian-Austrian-Slovenian border. A tunnel, originally used for water drainage and then for transport of miners and political refugees escaping from Communist Yugoslavia, connects it with Log pod Mangartom, Slovenia.
Until World War I, it was part of Austria-Hungary, and then came under Italian control. It is known for its former lead and zinc mine, which operated until 1991 when it eventually closed and never reopened, leaving Cave del Predil to a poor destiny: of the 1200 citizens living here during ’70s, today only 400 are left.

by Marco Ciccolini, an abandoned building in Cave del Predil, Tarvisio, Italy

more info:
[ita] Storia della miniera di Raibl

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