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Abandoned Mine, Rio Marina, Isola d’Elba, Italy

by Giacomo Beccari, an abandoned mine in Rio Marina, Isola d’Elba, Italy

The Elba island was well known from very ancient times for its iron resources and its valued mines: from the Etruscan in the 8th century b.C. to the modern civilization, iron have been extracted and, through the centuries, metallurgy business spread across the island, involving the local population in the working process. The steel market crisis during 80′s caused the closure of all the mines that are abandoned since then, like the one in the picture.

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Police Station, Venaria Reale, Italy

by Davide Angeli, tree growing inside a police station in Venaria Reale

500 meters far from the Reggia di Venaria (the biggest and most luxurious Savoia’s Palace) I saw this semi-abandoned police station. The funniest thing is a small tree growing inside the building and passing through an open window in the first floor.

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Old cinema, Bigolino, Italy

by Ignazio Lambertini, a poor-liberty-dismissed cinema in Bigolino

Taken in August 2010 in Bigolino, along Piave river: it seems to be a poor-liberty-dismissed cinema.

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Roofless Villa, Imola, Italy

by Daniela Galvani, a roofless villa in Via Montanara, Imola

This is an ancient villa is located in Via Montanara in Imola, abandoned by many years. The roof and some part of the walls are completely gone, but it still has a beautiful park all around.
A beautiful ruin, but it would be great to see this ancient ville shine again in the middle of Santerno’s valley!!

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INNSE industrial complex, Milan, Italy

by 233627, a view of the INNSE industrial complex in Milan

The INNSE (Innocenti Sant’Eustacchio) industrial complex is located in via Rubattino 85-95, Milan.

The complex, originally consisting of four warehouses, office building and concierge, is under demolition; the last building still in use is the second, which houses the firm INNSE Presse.

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Colonia Fara, Chiavari, Italy

by 233627, an example of italian rationalism inaugurated in 1938

Colonia Fara, entitled to general Gustavo Fara, was built in Chiavari between 1935 and 1936, and inaugurated in 1938.
Originally thought as children sea summer camp, the building has been used for many different purposes: during the WWII it was a military hospital and german headquarter, after WWII it was a spot for Allies, refuge for Istrian refugees and youth hostal.
Nowadays, the building, abandoned by many years, is waiting for a new life.

More info (in italian):
- Società Italiana per la Protezione dei Beni Culturali
- Wikipedia Italia

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Villa Muggia, Imola, Italy

by Giacomo Beccari, Villa Muggia in Imola, destroyed during WWII and never restored

Villa Muggia, a famous building designed by architect Piero Bottoni between 1936 and 1938. During World War II  Villa Muggia has been seriously damaged and never restored.

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