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The Monster, Casalecchio, Bologna, Italy

by Giacomo Beccari , a view of The Monster of Casalecchio, Bologna, Italy

This building was conceived in 1955 to be a boarding school, becoming over the years a place abandoned to itself. The building is four floors high, has many laboratories, a chapel, several offices and administrative structures. It was assigned to the architect Glauco Gresleri by the religious order of the Padri Passionisti to realize a boarding school with a professional teaching focus, taking advantage of the law on training for the building work: this role is well reflected by the distribution of interior spaces.
An ambitious project that was stopped after the construction of the first two lots in the mid 60′s. Since then the building has been abandoned to itself, as it is today, waiting for a redevelopment project.

by Giacomo Beccari , a view of The Monster of Casalecchio, Bologna, Italy

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Colonia Novarese, Rimini, Italy

photo by Dan Dubowitz, a view of Colonia Novarese,an abandoned colonia in Rimini

Colonie are the modernist camps built by the Fascists in Italy in the 1920s and 30s to coltivate discipline and loyalty among the children of the urban poor. Many of these colonie, some of Europe’s best modernist buildings, have been abandoned since the 1940s and are now wasteland.

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Colonia Fara, Chiavari, Italy

by 233627, an example of italian rationalism inaugurated in 1938

Colonia Fara, entitled to general Gustavo Fara, was built in Chiavari between 1935 and 1936, and inaugurated in 1938.
Originally thought as children sea summer camp, the building has been used for many different purposes: during the WWII it was a military hospital and german headquarter, after WWII it was a spot for Allies, refuge for Istrian refugees and youth hostal.
Nowadays, the building, abandoned by many years, is waiting for a new life.

More info (in italian):
- Società Italiana per la Protezione dei Beni Culturali
- Wikipedia Italia

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Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia

by Marco Stefanelli, abandoned school in Penang Island, Malaysia

abandoned school in Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia

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