Castiglioncello, Firenzuola, Italy

by Laura Mancini, a view of Castiglioncello Village, Firenzuola, Italy

Castiglioncello is a small fortified village, that sits on the top of a crest in the Appennino Tosco-Romagnolo, strategically located on the ancient line that used to connect Florence and Imola.
This small village, located on the left side of the river Santerno, very close to Moraduccio, has the typical characteristics of an old castle, with the natural defenses of the river surrounding it almost entirely.

The entrance of the village is facing north and is located at the base of a tower, with two still well visible slits. The constructions are all realized in “Pietra Serena”, a typical local stone.
The most conserved building is the church dedicated to Saint John and Paul: a bell tower stands triumphant over the village and challenge the deterioration and the abandonment that surround it. On the southern border of the village there is also a small cemetery.

Today it is totally uninhabited and in danger, but in 1833 the local population counted 85 people: the progressive abandonment of the village occurred mainly in the postwar period.
According to the voices of the people of Moraduccio, the entire village has now been bought by a private businessman, but the strict constraints posed by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage obstruct the possibility of buildings rehabilitation.
It seems that this mystical place, with its enormous potentials, is destined to continue in the inexorable process of deterioration that has already led to partial collapse of many buildings.

by Laura Mancini, internal view of an house in Castiglioncello Village

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