Temperance Hospital, London, UK

by quite peculiar, a view of Temperance Hospital in London

Those of you who ride the 29, along with some other buses that go up Hampstead Road, should be familiar with this abandoned building. It’s the London Temperance Hospital, renamed the National Temperance Hospital, currently sitting empty and abandoned next to the Robert Street bus stop, which was formerly the National Temperance Hospital stop.

by quite peculiar, another view of Temperance Hospital in London

Here’s what wikipedia has to say about it:
The National Temperance Hospital (London Temperance Hospital before 1939) is an abandoned hospital in Hampstead Road, London, near Camden Town. It opened on 6th October 1873 by initiative of the National Temperance League, and was managed by a board of 12 teetotallers. Under its rules, the use of alcohol to treat patients was discouraged, but not outlawed: doctors could prescribe alcohol when they thought necessary for exceptional cases.
In 1931, Chicago magnate Samuel Insull donated $160 000 to build a new extension, the “Insull Memorial wing”.
It was incorporated into the National Health Service in 1948 and eventually came under the management of University College Hospital.
It was closed and disaffected in 1990. In recent years the site has been considered for redevelopment or refurbishment into the new center for the National Institute for Medical Research. Currently (as of 2010) the original building is still standing, boarded-up.

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