San Giuliano Milanese, Milan, Italy


by Marco Pieri, a hotel built in 1975 for Italy ’90, never finished and destroyed in 2008

This building should have been a hosting structure for Italy ’90 world championship. It was built in 1975, but has never been finished and was destroyed the 06th of April 2008 at 10:30.

This photograph is part of the project “MenAtWindows” by Marco Pieri. We talked about this project in our previous post. What do you think about it? Write your opinions in the post’s comments.
MenAtWindows revives and dwells in a forgotten, lifeless urban space, through a collective performance that turns not only into a photographic-click, but in a truly lived artistic experience. The abandoned buildings are temporally filled up with significance, by means of addition and subtraction.
It is an instant work of art: the protagonists of the performance are the men in red; they repopulate the building for a moment, occupying empty and colourless spaces, like a vital lymph that restarts to circulate inside the building. The purpose of the artist is to take possession once again of deserted places, metropolitan realities left without purpose, where art’s goal is to fill and revitalize the emptiness.

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